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Our prestations / Workpackage

We build your turnkey project


We commit to results in project mode

We organise our team (project manager, trade experts, designers) according to your needs: audit, preliminary project, turnkey, etc.

We know how to position ourselves as an EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) company

We can handle projects worth several million euros, from the preliminary design stage right through to commissioning your installation on site

To this end, we have set up a dedicated project organisation within our design office, which is flexible and agile depending on the complexity of your project

The keys to a successful workpackage

1 – Define your needs during a co-construction phase
2 – Make sure you have all the necessary input data
3 – Define an effective working methodology and appropriate tools: we can advise you on the best CAD software to use
4 – Define your constraints: Budget, Deadline and Quality
5 – Ensuring the availability of resources

We’ll answer all these questions together, so that you have complete control over your investment.

Project References 

Salta Energy

Project objectives

Detailed study of a gas bottling installation

  • Budget: k€85


Modelling :

  • Civil engineering
  • Frames
  • Equipment
  • Cable trays
  • Piping (gas, water, sprinkler, air, etc.)
  • General drawings
  • Detail drawings/manufacturing drawings
  • Calculation notes (walkways)
  • Manufacturing and welding isometrics

Tula Cement Plant (Mexico)

Project Objectives

Complete study of the plant’s air, water, gas and fuel supplies

Study of the local compressor and pumping station process (development of PIDs)

Study budget: €280k

Completion of all detailed studies

  • Modelling
  • Overall plan
  • Layout plans
  • GC guide plans
  • Isometries
  • Nomenclatures



Water treatment plant “Les Mureaux”

Project objectives

Complete study of the plant (excluding the process)

  • Budget: €140k


  • Equipment layout diagrams

Modelling :

  • Guide plans
  • HVAC & CTA
  • Cable trays
  • Heat pump (energy recovery)
  • Biogas network
  • Civil engineering
  • Piping