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Our expertise / 3D Scan

Need to scan a workshop, a building or your entire factory?

Thanks to the new 3D SCAN and digital reassembly technologies, RNI can scan the components of your choice

You will then have a 360° view of your installation, digitised on your CAD design tool


The first advantage of the 3D scanner is that it allows you to compare your current installation with the desired installation during the equipment sizing phase. It allows you to check the volumes, the available space and, more generally, the technical feasibility of the project.

It also offers :

  • Rapid measurement
  • Versatility, since it can measure objects with complex shapes
  • Accuracy

We use a Leica BLK 360


The different stage of scanning

Stage 1 – Preparing/defining the requirement

We discuss your requirements with you, which can range from a simple workshop visualisation with a few measurements to discuss the layout of future equipment without having to visit the site, to the complete detailed re-modelling of a piece of equipment.

This exchange will enable us to define

– Point accuracy
– Cloud density
– The number of stations (survey locations)
– The order of the stations
– Whether or not a photo is required

Stage 2 – On-site intervention

Once the various reception and safety formalities have been completed, our technician is autonomous. The equipment can be moved and handled by a single person.
Health and safety risks are very low, so there is generally no need to stop production or traffic.
Intervention time will depend on the environment, the level of detail required and the size of the area.

Stage 3 – Point cloud processing

We assemble the various stations surveyed and then clean up the point cloud by deleting unnecessary data.

Stage 4 – Delivery

The resulting cloud of points can be supplied in a variety of formats (RCP, E57, etc.). It can also be re-modelled in whole or in part, using your CAD software, by our design office.


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