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Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Assistance to contracting authorities, project management

Technical specifications, tender specifications, planning and cost-control, project managers, subcontractor monitoring, preparation of work files, site supervision, drafting of test procedures, test management, health, safety, environment, etc.

Document engineering, EDM (Electronic Document Management)

Digitisation, processing of data and measurements, drafting and updating of ranges, operating rules, management of spare parts, history of interventions.

Technical engineering, studies

Mechanical engineering, piping, process engineering, general installation, boiler making, rotating machinery, electricity, automation, instrumentation, fire protection, hydraulics, special machinery, calculation notes, metal structures, scientific and technical computing.

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Project References 

Chemical plant in Feuchy


Technical assistance in the design office for various projects over a period of 4 years in the plant


Activities carried out by the RNI employee

3D / 2D CAD design
Animation of layout reviews and 3D models
Dimensioning and production of isometrics
Drawing up specifications
Invitation to tender and technical comparison
Contacting suppliers and service providers
Site supervision

Tools / Methodologies AUTOCAD


Automation of a warehouse


C210 shop automation


4.5M + €1M



Key figures

Heterogeneous palletising: 5 cartons/min, 4,200 cartons/day palletised + 800 references
3,000 pallets stored + 14,000 cartons in the miniload
2 VNA, 1 palletising robot, 1 depalletising robot, 1 stacker crane, 1 shuttle
3,000m2 of storage + 600m2 of “robot” area

RNI achievements

Project management assistance (1 project manager + 1 project officer)
Drafting of specifications
Technical comparisons
Running meetings (weekly, monthly, site meetings, etc.)
Budget and schedule implementation/monitoring
Coordination of design and site work
Follow-up of commissioning
CE certification

Fertiliser plant


RNI supported ROSIER / BOREALIS S.A. in the revamping of its G1 workshop located in Franes-Les-Anvaing (Belgium) and the replacement of its granulator


Activities carried out by the RNI employee

CAD design
Improvement of process networks
Collecting and checking engineers’ calculation notes
Proposing and implementing work methodologies
Drawing up specifications
Project management
Leading meetings
Site supervision
Team coordination
Prioritising day-to-day tasks
Assistance with return to service

Tools / Methodologies AUTOCAD