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Our prestations / Technical assistance

Supporting your project team everyday

Prestations RNI


We respond to your need for support by proposing the involvement of one or more members of our team, depending on your requirements, the context of the project and the skills already present within your organisation.

We prepare the intervention in advance:

  • Define precisely the activities to be carried out and the associated skills
  • List the expected objectives
  • Set monitoring milestones
  • Discuss possible changes to the project

We provide follow-up throughout and at the end of the project :

  • Scoping meeting
  • Project monitoring meetings, assessing your satisfaction and taking action to improve if necessary
  • Closing meeting
  • Drawing up a feedback report and satisfaction questionnaire

“Aligning the planets: putting the right person in the right place at the right time”

Project References

Sugar Mill Filter Press Project

Objectives and key figures

  • Installation of a filter press, and the building housing it, in a sugar factory
  • Budget: €5.5m


  • Feasibility study and building layout
  • Piping, 650m rack and connection to the existing system
  • Drafting of invitations to tender by lot and by trade (GC, Structural work, Piping, Equipment, Ventilation, Overhead travelling crane, Control room, etc.)
  • Drawing up comparative tables
  • Budget management
  • Site coordination
  • Organising weekly meetings with the various people involved in the project
  • Acceptance of work, tests, trials and commissioning with the operator


  • Autocad 3D

Project Management Assistance


  • RNI employees joined the existing design office in order to support the various players at a chemistry plant in Wingles to ensure that projects and new works run smoothly.

Activities carried out

  • Assisting in-house project managers and production unit managers
  • Proposing various technical solutions
  • Skills in several fields required: Civil engineering, Structural work, Piping, Building,
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Drawing up specifications
  • Management of an entire project in all disciplines
  • Organising and leading meetings (sometimes in English)
  • Compliance with HSE protocols and rules
  • Site supervision
  • Acceptance of work

Tools :

  • Autocad 3D
  • Measurement tools including 3D scan

Replacement of a cleaner / separator


The RNI design office was responsible for the replacement of a separator cleaner


  • On-site survey with 3D scanner
  • Reassembly of the environment using a point cloud
  • Design and adaptation to new equipment
  • Creation of BEFORE AND AFTER drawings
  • Drawing up specifications
  • Drawing up a description of the work

Tools and equipment

  • Leica 3D scanner
  • Cyclone software
  • AECOsim microstation